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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
church software "ChurchDB performs well and is filled with limitless
features and technologies."

  • All you need is an Internet connection and browser - no more loading software and updates!
  • We maintain the security systems, data backups, technical updates, software patches, and enhancements.
  • Enterprise technology provided through a state-of-the-art data center
  • Web-based means anywhere at anytime
  • Affordable subscription based pricing means unlimited users
  • Enhanced support included
  • Fixed costs means no hidden fees
  • Centralized database available to all staff means increased productivity
  • Tool tips next to input fields help user understand page contents
  • People Friendly - designed by church administrators for church administrators
  • Updates and patches performed by Austin Computing Solutions are available for immediate use.
  • Customizable security profiles for staff, volunteers, and members
  • SSL encryption when transmitting personal data

  • Login
  • User ID and password required
  • ID and password are SSL encrypted
  • System requires password changes every 45 days
  • Individuals can login under different security roles: administrator, staff, volunteer, or member
  • Security enhanced by automatic logoff after 20 minutes of inactivity

  • Messages
  • Messages can be addressed to All, Staff, or Members
  • Messages appear automatically after login
  • Messages can be turned on and off by date fields or temporarily disabled.

  • Family and individual membership records
  • Privacy settings for each family and individual
  • Sacramental records (if applicable)
  • Emergency medical information
  • Family and individual photos
  • Public and private notes for each family and individual
  • Child can be affiliated with multiple families
  • Customizable attributes for families and individuals
  • Duplicate member record check
  • Member login with password retrieval by email
  • Member directory subject to privacy settings
  • History of changes and who made them for certain important membership fields

  • Calendar & Resources
  • Event calendar with recurring definitions
  • Multiple display options
  • Create parent events with sub-events
  • Record attendance by event
  • Event search by event name, description, and notes fields
  • Easy navigation from one date to another
  • Resource scheduler with availability and bookings search

  • Stewardship
  • Unlimited funds & accounts for financial records
  • Financial records with multi-year history
  • Customizable time and talent management
  • End of year statements and extensive reports

  • eGiving
  • Fully integrated electronic transactions
  • Credit card transactions using church merchant account
  • eCheck & credit card transactions deposited directly into church bank account
  • Email confirmation of transactions
  • Automatic recurring transactions available
  • Automatic posting into ChurchDB Stewardship module
  • Extensive electronic transaction reporting options

  • Groups
  • Group management for Ministries, Organizations, Committees, Staff, and Other
  • Group definition includes grade levels, description, leaders, volunteer requirements, training,
        and time commitment
  • Easy online ministry sign-up
  • Volunteer & ministry history
  • eGroups and Umbrella eGroups based upon group membership
  • eGroups based upon member demographics

  • Education
  • Extensive ability to setup and schedule child and adult classes
  • Term definition includes block-out dates for holidays
  • Course definition includes course number, description, prerequisites, and credit hours
  • Class and classroom scheduling fully integrates with calendar and resources modules
  • Email setup for notification of online class registration and volunteer opportunities
  • Fully integrated tuition billing system
  • Basic and discounted tuition based upon number of family members registering and volunteerism
  • Tuition Billing Statements available for periodic tuition billing
  • Class fees and donations also available
  • Annual rollover of student grade levels in membership table
  • Class setup includes term, course, grades, schedule, registration dates, fees, notes, and resources.
  • Student, teacher, and helper registration by church staff or online self registration
  • Class registration restricted by student grade level and maximum number of students per class
  • Transfer students individually or by class
  • For each class session you can adjust the date and time, delete the session, add/delete a resource,     and record attendance
  • Communicate with students, parents, teachers, and helpers by grade(s) or by class(es)
  • Communication options are by email, mailing labels, and phone lists
  • Extensive education report options
  • Multi-year student history
  • Student attendance options include present, absent, sick, vacation, excused, and tardy

  • Reports
  • Standard reports within each module
  • Mailing label report options
  • Letter writer creates custom letters and mail merges with selected addresses
  • Custom report writer with a wide variety of data options available
  • Reports available in several formats

  • Census List
  • Easily add/update basic family membership information

  • and the features list keeps growing...
    Using the calendar in ChurchDB has been so much fun. We were able to do away with a 3-inch, 3-ring binder that we used for our calendar. It is much nicer to make one perpetual entry, than handwriting each daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly entries. Its great to have this calendar available to leaders of organizations so that they know if resources and dates are available to them, before requesting them."

    Una Jacob
    Business Administrator
    Sacred Heart Church
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