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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
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"ChurchDB is made extremely affordable by leveraging
  the power of the Internet."

In 2001 ChurchDB was the first online church software designed to manage membership, donations, groups, and education. Since then additional modules have been added to manage stewardship, pledges, donations and online giving, ministries and groups, eGroups, newsletters, calendar, event and resource scheduling, custom reporting, preschool through adult education, online class registration & payment, and employee and volunteer application and background-checks. With over 3000 churches using our software, additional modules and enhancements are constantly being reviewed, designed and implemented.

Designed by Church Administrators
ChurchDB began as a collaboration between St John Neumann Catholic Church and Austin Computing Solutions. St John Neumann staff designed and tested the software, and Austin Computing Solutions developed and programmed ChurchDB. Both organizations, and over 3000 churches, continue to work together to provide the ultimate online church management solution.

Browser Based
ChurchDB is a browser based software system which utilizes the power of the Internet. All you need is an Internet Explorer browser and an Internet connection, and we do the rest. We maintain the security systems, data backups, technical updates, software patches, and enhancements.

Subscription Pricing
ChurchDB is provided on a subscription basis. Starting at just $10 per month for the membership module, you do not have to convince the Finance Committee to spend thousands of dollars to purchase software and upgrade your computer equipment. Indeed, this pricing structure allows even smaller churches to have access to corporate enterprise technology.

Enterprise Technology
ChurchDB is built upon the same enterprise technologies which the big corporations use such as Microsoft web, email, and database servers, Intel hardware, and Cisco security products, all located at ONRAMP Access, a level 1 data center with 24 hour security, redundant Internet access, and diesel generator power backup.
Why web-based software?
  1. Online software that is simple and easy to use
  2. Training classes not required
  3. All you need is a browser and Internet connection
  4. You get the power of the Internet
  5. Church software available anywhere with Internet access at any time
  6. Affordable subscription-based pricing
  7. We provide and maintain the servers, security systems, data backups, technical updates, software patches, and enhancements
Engage Your Membership

ChurchDB can keep your congregation in-touch and involved beyond the Sunday worship service through email and online web communications. Engaging the congregation in this way can result in increased participation, membership, and donations.
"ChurchDB is an incredible tool that has helped bring our Church management into the modern age. It is a must have for every Church that is open to a better, faster, and more complete way of managing stewardship, ministries, religious education classes and more!"
John G. Mosher, Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministry, St John Neumann Catholic Church
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Web-Based Church Software