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Web-Based Church Software
  ChurchDB can pay for itself
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   ChurchDB can pay for itself by:

     Saving you Time
     Reducing your Expenses
     Increasing your Revenues

Saving you Time

ChurchDB maintains all information in a centralized database and is made available to authorized staff and volunteers from anywhere with Internet access at any time. If your church maintains a membership database by one person, a ministry database by another, and a religious ed database by another, ChurchDB easily combines these databases preventing duplicate data entry and maintenance - saving staff and volunteers' valuable time.

"ChurchDB's Groups Module allows the ministry leaders at our church to update descriptions, volunteer requirements and contact information online from their home. This saves me enormous amounts of time as I compile the over 200 volunteer opportunities for our ministry catalogue published each fall. In addition, our parishioners can sign-up online for their ministries, and our ministry leaders can download lists of volunteers easily and conveniently. The ChurchDB Groups Module has saved our volunteers, ministry leaders and parish staff valuable time in the area of ministry coordination."
Hilary Olson, Director of Communications & Ministry Coordinator, St John Neumann Church

The ChurchDB Education module can be configured to allow parents to register their children for religious education classes online. The online registration process eliminates the need for paper registration forms and data entry by church staff or volunteers. Staff and teachers can easily communicate with parents via email rather then postal mail or by phone, saving even more time throughout the year.

The ChurchDB Calendar can be setup to be easily accessed from the church web site. This will save the webmaster from having to post meetings and events on the the web site. Also, congregation members can use the public calendar to see if a room or other resource is available on a certain date and time - without having to request the information from a staff member.

The ChurchDB eGiving module allows congregation members to setup their own recurring donations to the church. This saves staff time by not having to setup these electronic donations. Each donation is automatically posted into the Stewardship module, which saves even more staff time by not having to manually post these contributions.

With the ChurchDB eGroups module you can easily communicate with predefined groups by simply sending an email to that group. The group can be a ministry group, a group of ministry groups, or even the entire congregation. Simply sending a single email saves much time over sending postal mail or making phone calls.

The ChurchDB Membership module allows congregation members to view, enter and edit certain membership information such as their address, phone numbers, email addresses, and children's information. Parents can also add a new family member themselves. This saves staff time by not having to update or add this information.

Reducing your Expenses

The ChurchDB eGroups module can help decrease a church's printing and postal budgets while increasing communications with the congregation. It is less expensive and easier to send newsletters and other communications via email than to use postal mail or phone calls.

ChurchDB security allows you to assign users access to only certain areas of ChurchDB, giving you the ability to delegate more functions to volunteers and not having to hire additional staff. Also, volunteers can access ChurchDB from their home computer - which decreases the need to purchase additional equipment for the church.

Since ChurchDB web, email, and database servers are maintained at our secure datacenter, you do not need IT staff to maintain these servers, nor do you need to spend funds to purchase hardware and software.

Increasing your Revenues

A church can experience a 30-40% increase in donations and maintain a consistent income by utilizing ChurchDB's eGiving module. The eGiving module allows recurring donations via credit card and electronic check, which continue to recur even during holidays, vacations, and business trips when congregation members may be not be able to attend church to make a personal donation.

ChurchDB can keep your congregation in-touch and involved beyond the Sunday worship service through email and online web communications such as announcements, newsletters, and prayer groups. Engaging the congregation in this way can result in increased participation, membership, and donations.

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