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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
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Affordable subscription-based pricing for any size church.

What is subscription-based pricing?

ChurchDB is web-based software which means:

We host the web and database servers for you.
We maintain the data security policies and procedures.
We backup your data every 3 hours.
We install software updates and security patches.
We provide enhanced customer service to you.
You access ChurchDB anywhere via the Internet.
You get enterprise-class technology and services.
You get affordable pricing.

So how much does ChurchDB cost?

ChurchDB pricing starts at just $10.00 per month. It is priced according to the number of families in the database and the modules you choose to use. Click here to find out how ChurchDB can pay for itself.

To get pricing for your church, please fill out the information below: 
Number of Families:
Select which modules you need:
Membership: must be selected
Online Directory: includes photos & public/private settings
Stewardship: includes pledges & contributions
eGiving: integrates fully with Stewardship
Calendar & Resources: includes public calendar for your website
Groups & eGroups: includes newsletters, online registration
Education: terms, courses, classes, students (children & adults), teachers, attendance, tuition & fees, online registration
"We were very excited when we saw the calendar feature. It was one of the major factors in our decision to use ChurchDB for all of our church management needs."

Neal McMaster
Business Administrator
St Theresa Catholic Church
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Web-Based Church Software