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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
  Product Info
What is ChurchDB?
ChurchDB is web-based software designed to manage all aspects of church operations. This unique tool consists of various modules, which include:
  • Membership - Families, Individuals and Businesses
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Online Directory with Photos
  • Stewardship (time, talent, and treasure)
  • Pledges and Donations
  • eGiving
  • Ministry, Group and Committee Management
  • eGroups by Ministry, Group, Committee and Demographic
  • Newsletters
  • Education - Preschool through adult
  • Online Class Registration & Payment
  • Calendar - Private & Public
  • Event Manager
  • Resources
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Custom Reporting
  • Employee & Volunteer Application & Background-Check Management
ChurchDB, designed by church administrators and developed with enterprise technologies, is made affordable by leveraging the power of the Internet, and provides powerful tools with seemingly limitless features for all aspects of church management.

A church can experience a 30-40% increase in donations and maintain a consistent income by utilizing ChurchDB's eGiving module. The eGroups module can help decrease a church's printing and postal budgets while increasing communications with the congregation. Some churches have chosen ChurchDB for the event and resource scheduling module alone.

Online registrations have saved churches hundreds if not thousands of hours of staff and volunteer time by not having to shuffle paperwork and track fees in the form of cash and checks.

Smart churches are discovering that ChurchDB allows them more time to devote to their congregation by spending less time having to deal with in-house systems, backups, software updates, and technical issues.
Top 10 Reasons To Choose ChurchDB
10. First church management system on       the Web in 2001
  9. 1000s of churches use our software
  8. Multiple layers of Security
  7. Modules utilize one database
  6. Intuitive and people friendly
  5. Designed by church administrators
  4. Increased productivity
  3. Increased donations
  2. Decreased expenses
  1. Affordable enterprise technology

ChurchDB Requirements
  • 56K dial-up connection to
    the Internet
  • Internet Explorer browser
    version 6.0+
    (with Javascript and
    cookies enabled)
  • Minimum screen resolution
    of 800 x 600

Upgrade Today

ChurchDB is an excellent and affordable upgrade for churches using software by Shelby Systems, ACS Technologies, Parish Data Systems or PDS. Data from these systems can be easily imported into ChurchDB.
"For the second year in a row, our Parish has utilized ChurchDB in order to manage our Religious Education Program. ChurchDB has been a great addition to our Parish because it has allowed us to control so many functions of our Religious Education Program, such as student registration, emergency parent, doctor and health insurance information, class attendance and class rosters, as well as a database in order to maintain our student's sacrament information. I have found ChurchDB easy to use and an effective way to manage our growing Religious Education Program. I highly recommend ChurchDB to all Directors of Religious Education!!"

Mary Garcia
Director for Religious Education
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
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Web-Based Church Software