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Web-Based Church Software
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Web-Based Church Software
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ChurchDB is the leading online church management software developed with enterprise technology solutions from companies like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and ONRAMP Access.

eGiving: Increased Donations!

The ChurchDB eGiving software fully integrates electronic checking and your credit card merchant account with the online Stewardship software. You no longer need to pay a third party to handle your electronic contributions!

When a one-time or recurring electronic contribution is entered online, it is automatically posted within the Stewardship software. This saves you time from having to post these contributions manually and some churches have experienced a 30 to 40% increase in contributions after implementing the online eGiving software.

How is this possible? Because the eGiving software allows recurring donations via credit card and electronic check, which continue to recur even during holidays, vacations, and business trips when congregation members may be not be able to attend church to make a personal donation.

is another web-based software application designed and created for any organization which is involved with minors or vulnerable adults. It is an online software management system that:
  • Manages the employee or volunteer application process;
  • Facilitates a criminal background check from the information provided in the application;
  • Tracks workshop attendance for each applicant within the organization.
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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

We are truly flattered by those who attempt to imitate our name and our product. has been on the web since July 2001 and has been developed using the highest standards of technology and know how. The combination of skilled church administrators, programmers, developers, business professionals, and investment in enterprise technologies has resulted in a product that may be imitated, but never copied. Insist on the genuine web-based church management software -!
ChurchDB is web-based church management software with these components:
Church Management Software
Church Administration Software
Church Leadership Software
Church Database Software
Church Membership Software
Church Census Software
Church Directory Software
Church Stewardship Software
Church Pledges Software
Church Donations Software
Church Contribution Software
Church Giving Software
Church eGiving Software
Church Merchant Account Software
Church Electronic Check Software
Church Time, Talent, and Treasure Software
Church Groups Software
Church Ministry Software
Church Organizations Software
Church Committees Software
Church Groups Software
Church eGroups Software
Church eMail Software
Church Newsletter Software
Church Communications Software
Church School Software
Church Education Software
Church Online Registration Software
Church Reporting Software
Church Calendar Software
Church Scheduling Software
Church Website Calendar Software
Church Resource Software
Church Events Software
Church Attendance Software
Employee Application Management Software
Employee Background-Check Management Software
Volunteer Application Management Software
Volunteer Background-Check Management Software

Church Management Software


Discover ChurchDB eGroups!

ChurchDB eGroups is email software similar to a listserv or distribution list that is completely integrated with the Membership and Groups software. When an individual is added to a Group, Ministry, Organization, or Committee, he/she is automatically added to the corresponding eGroup. When an email address is updated in Membership it is automatically updated in the eGroups software.

In addition to Group members, you can also add non-Group members, and outside (of the church) members to an eGroup. eGroups can consist of a single group, a combination of groups, or individuals defined demographically through the Membership module.

The ChurchDB eGroups software will help reduce your printing and postage budgets by sending newsletters, bulletins, and other communications quickly and easily through email instead of the postal system.

Church Software

Why web-based software?

  1. Online software that is simple and easy to use
  2. Training classes not required
  3. All you need is a browser and Internet connection
  4. You get the power of the Internet
  5. Church software available anywhere with Internet access at any time
  6. Affordable subscription-based pricing
  7. We provide and maintain the servers, security systems, data backups, technical updates, software patches, and enhancements

Engage Your Membership

ChurchDB can keep your congregation in-touch and involved beyond the Sunday worship service through email and online web communications such as announcements, newsletters, and prayer groups. Engaging the congregation in this way can result in increased participation, membership, and donations.

Upgrade Today

ChurchDB is an excellent and affordable upgrade for churches using software by Shelby Systems, ACS Technologies, Parish Data Systems or PDS. Data from these systems can be easily imported into ChurchDB.
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